TRANSFORMATION PILATES - Sensible Exercise. Intense Results.
Welcome to Transformation Pilates!
We offer the highest quality pilates instruction for all levels of fitness.  Whether you are looking to transform your body, augment your current exercise program, or just looking for a challenging mind-body experience, PILATES at Transformation Pilates is for you!
What is Pilates?
Pilates focuses on the quality of movement, core strength, control, centering, precision and breathing. Through a combination of breathing and flowing movements, muscles are lengthened and strengthened. Pilates is an excellent complement to other forms of exercise programs and training because it teaches proper muscle movement and body alignment for injury prevention, recovery from overuse injuries and general well-being. Pilates integrates flexibility, strength and endurance to make it one of the most effective exercise programs.
"In 10 class, you will feel the difference. In 20 classes you will see the difference.  In 30 classes you will have a whole new body."   
--Joseph Pilates
1622 W. Campbell Avenue
Suite 109
Campbell, CA 95008
Mon - Fri
By appointment only
Small Group Class daily

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